Tuesday, July 22, 2008

maybe I should start writing about...

Should I start writing about my new career... the full-time-mom's career (hehehehe)? Or the changes in my activities as a member of the "world's best mom society" (beat that!!!)? Or maybe the amazing progresses I discover each day as I watch my baby grow? Or the challenges of financial planning (in layman's term, budgeting and the resounding "RESOURCES LOW!!" alarm)?

Why not? I don't have a lot of things to do anyway... Not busy taking care of my baby boy (now that he's learned some 4 or 5 tricks and counting). Not busy with cleaning the house. Not busy with preparing our food. Not busy with fixing the bed every morning. Not at all busy washing the clothes (this only takes one whole day to do... hhehehe). Not busy making our budget fit our needs (huh!!!! this one is tough!). Not a lot, right? I figured I should have enough time to write and read. Agree?

Despite my "not at all busy" days, I wish to make this spot, my spot. A place where I can pour everything... those that I want to flush out of my system, and those that I wish to contribute to yours (one way or another).