Tuesday, August 26, 2008

100 strands a day of falling hair is normal

While in a shuttle van on my way home, I overheard a group of teenagers talking about hair fall and one of them said with confidence, "Girl, 100 strands a day is scientifically normal". I was interested because I myself also experiences hair fall; is it more or less a hundred strands?

I did not collect and count the hair strands the following morning after that incident (it might scare my husband). But, I tried to observe during which times of the day and what activities I’m doing when I normally shed a lot of hair. In the morning when I wake up, I see some few strands of hair on the floor and on the bed cover. I do not brush my hair often during the day, but when I do, hair strands are falling. Every time I wash my hair, a lot falls.

I did some reading and thought that maybe the girl went through all the articles that I was able to search online. Why? Because most of the sites I visited said that 100 is normal.

I read some sites stating that losing more than 150 strands for a long time is already categorized as excessive hair fall which may lead to ALOPECIA or baldness. I wonder if I’m losing that much. I don’t want to be bald but I don’t want to start counting the number of strands either.

Hair falling out is part of the hair growth process unless there are other reasons you are sure are causing it (like medications, diagnosed dermatological problem, etc.) In my case, I can just scrutinize the strands that are falling; if they are unhealthy hair strands, it should not cause any worry. If I start to feel and see spots on my head, then I know it’s time to see a doctor.

Or maybe... I will count, when no one is looking!