Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The expensive IPD Vaccine

My baby completed the vaccines required by the Department of Health few weeks ago. When we transferred to this pediatrician,(he is our third, the first was the pedia who monitored during birth - who's clinic is far from our house and the second was my relatives' pedia - we thought there's someone better than him), he explained to us his program in handling patients - he mentioned about regular check-ups, vaccines, first aid for common colds and fever, etc. He told us that after the required vaccines, he would suggest that we let him give our baby the IPD vaccine. I did not understand some of the explanations but these were some of the things that I remembered from that first meeting: 1>IPD costs 5000 per shot and there are 3 shots required; 2>it's the sickness that one of Donna Cruz' child had; 3>once infected, a baby may die overnight.

Our baby is scheduled to have his first shot of IPD vaccine before the end of August. Just now, I started searching for info regarding IPD. I read a lot of articles online (they call it a traitor disease on this link and it scares me to know about the details of this disease.

As a parent, I will do anything to protect my baby. Even if it costs a lot, we will find a way. That's what parents should do in the first place. Find ways for their children.

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